Bulgaria, 2019, 125’

A tragicomic satire on cinema, where the myth is self-destructing
in the great everyday battles and reality is always different from
what you want it to be, or from what it is said in the movies. Both
the old and the new… What remains is perhaps the indestructible
myth of love, flinging itself into the arms of a particular beloved
or in that painful and unimaginable pursuit of the realisation of a
perfect film!

Script: Iliya Kostov
Director: Iliya Kostov
Cinematography: Martin Dimitrov, Yaroslav Yachev
Music: Dimo Stoyanov-P.I.F
Cast: Katerina Evro, Lyuben Chatalov, Yuryi Angelov,
Christian Makarov, Boris Lukanov, Vassil Banov
Production: Nike-I – Iliya Kostov
Co-production: NCTV Eurocom
Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center, NCTV Eurocom
Contact: +359882954564, +359888815148, iliyakos@abv.bg