Bulgaria, 2019, 100’

An action comedy and showbiz satire with endless twists and
turns that tells the story of a 1990s American action star, who
now shoots movies in Bulgaria, and his fans who try to reach out
to him. After a series of bad decisions, they enrage the mafia.
Warning: the movie does not contain scenes of creative quests,
sadness, rape or Roma characters.

Script: Teo Chepilov
Director: Radoslav Iliev
Cinematography: Borislav Penchev
Music: George Strezov, Simeon Eduard
Cast: Milko Yovchev, Plamen Dimov, Petar Petrov,
Jonas Talkington, Terry Randall, Raymond Steers,
Yuta Takenaka, Alexander Koynov
Production: Incoms Project – Plamen Yordanov
Co-production: Urban Media – Stoyan Stoyanov, Doli Media
Studio – Dobromir Chochov
Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center
Contact: +359888220978;