Bulgaria, 2019, 100’

A contemporary drama against a criminal backdrop: a young
rhythmic gymnast with a dominant mother who is also her coach,
experiences violence and is trying to move on with her life. A film
about parent-child relationships, the fate of beauty in a world of
brutality, the search of oneself and the right to be given a second

Script: Marian Valev
Director: Marian Valev
Cinematography: Anton Bakarski
Cast: Lyubomira Basheva, Deyan Donkov, Elena Telbis,
Sanya Armutlieva, Georgi Kadurin, Dilyana Popova,
Iliana Raeva, National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team
Production: BNT – Boryana Punchcheva, Yanko Terziev,
Nina Altaparmakova (executive producer)