Bulgaria, 2019, 20’

An unhappy, antisocial employee is forced to practice love and
gratitude during a corporate volunteering day. But it is through an
act of cruelty that she is able to connect to another human being
and experience a moment of true compassion.

Script: Ralitsa Petrova
Director: Ralitsa Petrova
Cinematography: Kiril Prodanov
Music: Gabriela Kayso, Simon Muschinsky, Chris Collins,
Ralitca Georgieva
Cast: Slava Doycheva, Angelina Rangelova
Production: Screening Emotions – Poli Angelova,
Elena Mosholova, Nikolay Todorov
Co-production: Right Solutions, Magic Shop, Aporia Filmworks
Supported by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation
Contact: +359894700869;,