Bulgaria, 2019, 34’

A poor old man living in a godforsaken mountain place finds that
his house has been burgled. Forced to find a way to survive,
he faces the challenge to seek help and ensure that his dignity
is maintained. Pushed to physical and moral limits, the old man
meets with human cruelty, pain and compassion.

Script: Dimitar Kutmanov
Director: Dimitar Kutmanov
Cinematography: Carmen Treichl
Cast: Mihail Iliykov, Rumen Traykov, Mariana Krumova,
Martina Apostolova, Simeon Alexiev, Deodor Velichkov
Production: Screening Emotions – Poli Angelova,
Nikolay Todorov
Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center,
Bulgarian National Culture Fund
Contact: +359894700869;;