Bulgaria/Malaysia, 2018, 20’

Wen Jian is indeed everybody’s friend-in-need. Still, when he falls
into depression so deep that he starts collecting sleeping pills, his
friends are too busy to be there for him. Instead, help turns up in
the form of a total stranger.

Script: Yeo Joon Han
Director: Yeo Joon Han, Boris Kalaidjiev
Cinematography: Boris Kalaidjiev
Cast: Guo Mingxinag, Jojo Goh, Siow Fong
Production: Amok Films – Boris Kalaidjiev, Yeo Joon Han, Guo
Mingxinag, Azhar Alif
Co-production: Boris Kalaidjiev
Supported by Amok Films
Contact: +359885604604;