Bulgaria, 2019, 20’

Nina, a 13-year-old pickpocket with sharp and perspicacious
eyes, is checking the content of a wallet she has just stolen. She
stares at the unknown family pictures with curiosity and sadness…
Nina is captured in her next attempt to steal. Surprisingly, the victim
Yana refuses to give Nina to the police and decides to ask her
to have lunch with her.

Script: Konstantin Bojanov
Director: Hristo Simeonov
Cinematography: Vesselin Hristov
Cast: Plamena Stefanova, Margita Gosheva
Production: Screening Emotions – Poli Angelova,
Elena Mosholova, Nikolay Todorov
Co-production: Right Solutions, Magic Shop
Supported by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation,
Bulgarian National Culture Fund
Contact: +359894700869; ,