Bulgaria/Monaco, 2019, 119’

‘A Small War in the Balkans’ (Churchill)
In an unprecedented march, the forty-thousand strong Bulgarian
Army covers 300 km in less than two days and two nights with no
roads, railway or other means of transport… to win the Battle of
Slivnitsa in the Serbo-Bulgarian War (1885). The crossing paths
of several characters are followed in this seemingly chaotic whirl
of events.

Script: Vladi Kirov
Director: Anri Koulev
Cinematography: Svetla Ganeva
Music: Lubomir Denev
Cast: Ben Cross, Luisa Grigorova-Makariev, Samuel Finzi,
Volfram Koh, Sofia Skaya, Sevar Ivanov, Lubomir Petkashev,
Zdravko Moskov, Tsvetan Aleksiev, Emil Kotev, Ivan Burnev,
Phillip Avramov
Production: Koulev Film Production – Anri Koulev
Co-production: Doli Media Studio – Dobromir Chochov,
Magic Shop – Georgi Nikolov, New Boyana Film, BNT,
Shibuya Productions – Cédric Biscay
Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center
Contact: +359888614884; anrikoulev@gmail.com