Italy, 2017, 90’

Affected by a compulsive comicality, alcohol and psychotropic drugs dependence, Maria Rossi ends in a psychiatric hospital, starting a painful path to overcome her addictions. When she is convinced that there is nothing more to be done, she meets a sensitive girl with a miserable past and even worse present. Their tender relationship will allow them to make every step to finally exit the tunnel in which they crashed.


Festivals & awards: Best Actress (Francesca Inaudi), Grand Prix of the Jury, IFF Terre di Siena; Best Film, IFF Salerno; Best Film, Social Film Festival ArTelesia

Script: Luca Biglione, Maddalena De Panfilis
Director: Luca Biglione
Cinematography: Blasco Giurato
Cast: Francesca Inaudi, Andrea Roncato, Melania Dalla Costa,
Antonia Truppo, Fabio Troiano, Elisabetta Pellini, Marco Cocci,
Mietta, Nicola Nocella, Emanuela Grimalda, Maria Rossi, Andrea
de Rosa
Production: Stemo Production – Claudio Bucci
Co-production: Toed Film
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