Bulgaria, 2018, 90’

Angry with his family, overwhelmed by circumstances and spoiled by his grandma, young man Tony is constantly looking for easy and not precisely legal ways to survive. His actions lead to a near-fatal incident that turns his life upside down. It is time for Tony to face up to reality and grow up.


Festivals & Awards: premiered within New Bulgarian Cinema, IFF Sofia 2019; Official Selection, First Time Filmmaker Sessions 2019

Script: Zlateto Keremedchieva Directors: Niki Stanchev, Stoyan Anov

Cinematography: Momchil Alexandrov, Emilian Dechev Music: Ivan Dinev

Cast: Niki Stanchev, Yonko Dimitrov, Anna Bankina, Pavel Vladimirov, Liliya Lilova, Iliq Videlinov,Zlateto Keremedchieva, Dilyana Daneva, Assen Karanikolov and more

Production: New Actors Studio, Yellow Brick Pictures – Zlateto Keremedchieva, Dilyana Daneva

Supported by: UFO Film & TV Studio, Vreme Film Studio, Dolna Malina Municipality, Aprilovo Municipality, Correct Company, Scorpio Car Service, Lombard’s Pawn Shops

Contact: +359886535112; dilyana.daneva@yellowbrickpictures.com; www.facebook.com/yellowbrickpictures/