North Macedonia/Kosovo, 2018, 81’

Ilir, a young Albanian from Macedonia, who migrated to France, decides to marry a French woman, but first has to return to his native village because of legal issues. Their surprise visit quickly turns sour when Ilir’s father realises that his son has returned only to marry some foreign woman and then leave again, breaking the promise he has once made to a girl from their village.


Festivals & awards: IFF Oldenburg 2018; IFF Mannheim-Heidelberg 2018; IFF Innsbruck 2019; IFF Tirana 2019

Script: Kastriot Abdyli, Isa Qosja
Director: Kastriot Abdyliу
Cinematography: Vlatko Samoilovski
Music: Memli Kelmendi
Cast: Selman Lokaj, Hazir Sh. Haziri, Delphin Depardieu,
Liridona Shehu, Safete Rogova, Labinot Lajqi
Production: Dardania Film Production, Skopije – Kastriot Abdyli,
Simeon Damevski
Co-production: Shkupi Film Production, Pristina
Supported by Macedonian Film Agency,
Kosovo Cinematography Center