Bulgaria, 2019, 27’

Daniel, a businessman in his 60s, arrives at what initially seems to be an ordinary hotel. The first clash with young Monika changes him in an unexpected way. It turns out, that the hotel performs a very specific function, which has already been activated.


Festivals & awards: Jameson Competition selection, IFF Sofia 2019

Script: Ivelina Alexieva, Darina Ivailova-Shopova, Radi Stoyanov
Director: Radi Stoyanov
Cinematography: Rosen Savkov
Music: Mira Iskarova
Cast: Vlado Penev, Elly Koleva
Production: Non Aeon Productions – Radi Stoyanov,
Darina Ivailova-Shopova
Co-production: Four Elements – Ivo Nikolov, Lyubo Yonchev
Contact: +359 88 656 4538; info@crystal-frame.com