Bulgaria, 2019, 102 min.

Encouraged by some friends of hers, Vessela, who is a young mum, smokes a funny tasting cigarette without suspecting how this will reflect on her life. She wakes up the next morning in withdrawal, and later realises that she’s an addict and all she cares about is heroin. Vessela’s search for happiness has never been more desperately floating in between life and death.


Festivals & awards: Best Director Award, Best Leading Actress Award and Audience Award, IFF In the Family Circle 2020, Moscow


Yana Titova studied Acting at NATFA, Sofia; holds an MA in Film Directing, NBU. As an actress, she has won numerous awards, including the Bulgarian Film Academy Award for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. Director of several award-winning shorts: The Bridge, Solveig, The House and 88MH. A Dose of Happiness is her directorial feature debut.

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Script: Yana Titova

Director: Yana Titova

Cinematography: Martin Balkanski

Music: Christopher Barnett

Cast: Valentina Karoleva, Dimitar Nikolov, Aleksandar Aleksiev, Assen Blatechki, Silvia Lulcheva, Irmena Chichikova

Production: No Blink Studio – Aleksandar Aleksiev, Nickolay Stoichkov

Co-production: bTV Studios, Reason 8, Brod Film, B2Y, Dream Team Films

Supported by private contributors and partners

Contact: +359888192411; action@noblinkstudio.com, www.noblinkstudio.com