Feature film jury:

Jury President: Stephan Komandarev, director/writer/producer, winner of Golden Rose Award at the 32ndt edition of the Festival for his The Judgement,

and Jury members:

Antonia Kovacheva, film critic, Director of Bulgarian National Film Archive;

Kiran Kolarov, director/writer/producer;

Krasimir Andonov, cinematographer and

Yanina Kasheva, actress

Bestowed as follows:

Golden Rose Award for Best Feature Film goes to Losers, producer Pro Film – Asen Vladimirov; writer/director Ivaylo Hristov; cinematographer Emil Hristov.

For a credible story about the mental loneliness and the hopeless life of young people in Bulgaria. Strong performers’ presence and visual solutions.

Special Award of the City of Varna goes to Family Relics, producer Gala Film – Galina Toneva and Kiril Kirilov; writer/director Ivan Cherkelov; cinematographer Rali Ralchev.

For devotedness, talent and cinematic perfectionism in all elements of the film narrative.

Special mention for TV Film for Barter, producers BNT/ARS Digital; writer Yuri Dachev, Atanas Kiryakov; director Atanas Kiryakov; cinematographer Ivan Tonev.

For the ability to achieve emotional impact using ascetic art techniques.

Best Director Award goes to Kamen Kalev for Face Down.

For masterful cast of and work with both professional and unprofessional performers in building an authentic and gripping story.

Best Screenwriter Award goes to Marin Damianov for Corpse Collector.

For non-conventional vantage point at characters typical of the outskirts of life.

Best Cinematographer Award goes to Veselin Hristov for Thirst.

For masterly work with light and the visual solutions, creating a feeling of drought-ridden environment and people.

Best Actress Award goes to Elena Telbis for her role in Losers.

For the holistically built character having a strong and commanding presence.

Best Actor Award goes to Stefan Denolyubov for his role in While Aya Was Sleeping.

For the versatilely built character of a talent cast out from society by conformist times.

Best Feature Film Debut goes to Thirst, director Svetla Tsotsorkova.

For the powerful, ingenious and memorable story.

The Jury gave two Honourable Mentions for individual achievements:

Honourable Mention for music to Kaloyan Dimitrov (Viktoria, Face Down and Snow).

For the convincing dramaturgic role of music in films varying in genres and subject matters.

Honourable Mention to Claudia Cardinale for making a generous gesture to young Bulgarian film.

Short films Jury:

Jury President: Prof. Stanimir Trifinov, director/producer and

Jury members: Boryana Mateeva, film critic and Nikolay Todorov, director

Bestowed as follows:

Golden Rose Award for Best Short Film goes to The Son, director Hristo Simeonov; writers Hristo Simeonov and Deyan Enev; cinematographer Veselin Hristov.

For the unadulterated authenticity of the cinematic observation and the proficiency to render emotionally the tragic existence of Romany people using scanty details.

And to Ecce Homo, writer/director Dimitar Kutmanov; cinematographer Flora Fecske.

For the striking expression of the black-and-white representation, which turns a family drama into an existential Christian tale unfolding in no particular time or place.

At the 33rd edition of Golden Rose Festival of Bulgarian Feature Film awards were also given as follows:

The Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers Award to Family Relics, director Ivan Cherkelov.

The Critics Guild Award (UBF) to Losers, director Ivaylo Hristov.

People’s Choice Award to Losers, director Ivaylo Hristov.

Accredited Journalists’ Award to Losers, director Ivaylo Hristov.