Bulgaria, 2019, 3 min.

Success will become ever more elusive.


Iosif Astrukov is a director/cinematographer/photographer. He has a degree in Medical Physics from the University of Sofia; a master degree in Film and TV Directing from NATFA, Sofia and a PhD at the Institute of Art Studies, BAS. His projects are in various fields of art: several short and documentary films; staged dozens of art photo exhibitions, an exhibition combining haiku and photography, a book of short stories, online books.

Director: Iosif Astrukov

Cinematography: Iosif Astrukov

Music: Kozirsky – Tears

Cast: Sofia Vladeva

Production: Iosif Astrukov

Supported by FilmForge Nu Boyana 24

Contact: +359884319568; iosifastrukov.eu