Bulgaria, 2018, 7 min.

A group of colleagues celebrating the end a long workweek receive a bizarre visitor who is about to turn their groovy evening into an awkward nightmare.


Festivals & awards: Longless IFF 2020, Italy


Kris Dimitrov is a writer/director. He lived 8 years in the UK, where he completed a degree in Film Studies. His choice of genre leans particularly towards comedy, dark comedy and mockumentary.


Script: Kris Dimitrov

Director: Kris Dimitrov

Cinematography: Vladislav Bunovski

Cast: Nikolay Popov, Kate Nichols, Svetla Rangelova, Assen Kukushev

Production: FilmForge, Nu Boyana Center for Vocational Training – Ivaylo Grancharov, Alexander Yaneff

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