Bulgaria, 2020, 88 min.

Johnny helps Cranky escape from prison but then he haunts him forever. Cranky falls in love with Niya but Johnny hates love. To get rid of Johnny, you have to either die or kill him.


Konstantin Burov studied Film and TV Directing at NATFA, Sofia. His debut feature, Rat Poison won the Best Feature Film Debut Award at Golden Rose Festival (2014) and the Bulgarian Film Academy Award for Best Script 2014. Goodbye Johnny is his sophomore feature.

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Script: Marin Damyanov

Director: Konstantin Burov

Cinematography: Martin Dimitrov

Music: Minko Lambov

Cast: Deyan Georgiev, Georgy Kermensky, Christiana Stoimenova, Todor Tanchev, Petya Silyanova

Production: Doli Media Studio – Dobromir Chochov

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

Contact: +359888711749;;