Bulgaria, 2020, 14 min.

Two men and a woman, actors, play on a theatre stage in front of a live audience. Their personal relationships infiltrate the play and they start performing life as it is. A drama unfolds in front of the spectators, but it is time for the interval and the curtain is rung down.


Martin Dinkov studied Film Directing at 3iS (International Institute of Image and Sound), Paris; works as a film director/writer in France. His movies have won awards and distinctions at numerous film festivals and are highly acclaimed by audiences. Intermission is his sixth short movie and the first one shot entirely in Bulgaria.

Script: Martin Dinkov

Director: Martin Dinkov

Cinematography: Metodi Evstatiev

Music: Remi Dinkov

Cast: Anna Petrova, Niki Sotirov, Stoyan Pepelanov, Bisser Marinov, Mihail Konstantinov

Production: Studio Blend – Mihail Konstantinov

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