Bulgaria, 2020, 5 min.

Because of the pandemic, Stefan (28) has given himself to his only secure stronghold, the faith in God. He prays every day, hoping to overcome the fear in his heart. Almost invading his home, Elena (24) interrupts his intention, confronting him with his greatest challenge.


Angel Georgiev studied at the University of Forestry, Sofia and is currently attending Master courses in Film and TV Directing at NBU. Producer and production manager of multi-award-winning Tai Chi (dir. Rossen Andonov). He is the author of the fantasy novel for children and adults Maya’s Adventure (2019).

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Script: Angel Georgiev

Director: Angel Georgiev

Cinematography: Min. cho Gaberov

Cast: Rozaliа Abgaryan, Velimir Ivanov

Production: Full Moon Wolf – Pavel Pavlov

Contact: +359898329190;