Bulgaria, 1981, 3 episodes, 100/84/104 min

Measure for Measure trilogy (1981) by Georgi Djulgerov, co-writer and male lead Rousy Chanev and DoP Radoslav is still deemed to be one of the most significant and grand in scale historical epics ever made in Bulgaria. The novel Liturgy on St Elijah’s Day by Svoboda Buchavarova is the reference point for the film, featuring both historic figures and fictional characters with their personal stories, problems and doubts. The narrative is glued together by the metamorphosis of the protagonist Dilber Tanas from a primitive shepherd, a member of the patriarchal community, to a person with individual consciousness. The struggle for independence of the Bulgarians in Macedonia in the period 1901–1912 acts as a catalyst for this change.

Presently, a digitally remastered copy of the trilogy is available owing to the professionals working for Doli Media Studio: from scanning the entire negative to colour corrections, to a 5.1 remaster out of the original mono master tape to subtitling in standard Bulgarian to help spectators understand the Bulgarian dialect of Yenice-i Vardar spoken by the characters.

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Script: Rousy Chanev, Georgi Djulgerov, based on the novel Liturgy for St Elijah’s Day by Svoboda Buchavarova

Director: Georgi Djulgerov

Cinematography: Radoslav Spasov

Music: Bojidar Petkov

Cast: Rousy Chanev, Grigor Vachkov, Stefan Mavrodiev, Bogdan Glishev, Christine Bartlett, Rumena Trifonova, Tzvetana Maneva, Dimitar Buynozov, Martina Vachkova, Vulcho Kamarashev

Production: Boyana Feature Film Studio, Suvremennik creative team