Bulgaria, 2018, 3 min.

General Goodwurd introduces himself to a new squad. He seems quite unhappy as the task given to his soldiers is way behind schedule.


Festivals & awards: Selected for the first edition of the BeBop Channel Content Festival 2020, New York City, USA


Alexander Yaneff graduated in Film Studies from NATFA, Sofia. He writes and directs short films. His film debut was Diagnosis, starring Plamen Sirakov and Miroslav Kosev.

Script: Alexander Yaneff

Director: Alexander Yaneff

Cinematography: Boris Stankov

Cast: Ivaylo Grancharov, Boris Takov, Dimitria Dimitrova, Stoil Stoyanov

Production: FilmForge, Nu Boyana Center for Vocational Training – Ivaylo Grancharov, Alexander Yaneff, Dayana Handjieva

Contact: +359876482842,,,