Bulgaria, 2019, 5 min.

Adam West works hard on a project and misses his little daughter’s talent show. An unexpected aid urges him to realise his mistake.


Festivals & awards: Semifinalist at the new GENERIcamente UMANI FF 2020, Turbigo, Italy; Copenhagen Underground Locked In FF 2020, Denmark; The BeBop Channel Content Festival 2020, New York City


Teodor Stamboliev spent most of his adult life in the United States. He graduated from Seattle University in 2017, and ever since, he has decided to follow his passion for storytelling and film.

Script: Teodor Stamboliev

Director: Teodor Stamboliev

Cinematography: Emilian Dechev

Music: Zdravko Kemerov

Cast: Ivaylo Grancharov, Adela-Christa Yanev, Lucy Keal

Production: FilmForge, Nu Boyana Center for Vocational Training – Ivaylo Grancharov

Contact: +359876482842,,,