Bulgaria, 2019, 110 min.

Four friends reunite in their hometown 20 years after they have left it. The cousin of one of them wants to acquire his old family house they all used to share once, so he can turn it to a hotel. They decide to help their friend. In the few weeks they spend in Plovdiv, they rekindle old flames, find new ones and discover unsuspected truths about themselves and the others.


Festivals & awards: IFF Matera 2019, Italy; SEEFF Paris 2020, France; IFF Ischia 2020, Italy


Niki Iliev studied Film and TV Directing at NBU. Filmography: The Foreigner (2012 ); Living Legends, All She Wrote, winners of many awards. He has directed dozens of episodes of popular TV series. Since 2015 he teaches Film Directing at NBU.

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Script: Niki Iliev, story by Bashar Rahal

Director: Niki Iliev

Cinematography: Kiril Valchanov

Music: Ivan Tishev

Cast: Aleksander Kadiev, Niki Iliev, Bashar Rahal, Orlin Oavlov, Boyki Krastanov, Evelyn Kostova, Rayna Karayaneva, Dilyana Popova, Stephan Danailov

Production: Silver Light Pictures – Bashar Rahal, Bogomil Grozev, Niki ILiev

Supported by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation

Contact: +359888700787, +359888663085;,