Bulgaria, 2020, 23 min.

A teenager who lives with his mother has to cope with the everyday challenges of her constant drinking, the men she brings home and his lack of friends at school. One day he meets a shy girl who grabs his attention. Her loneliness intrigues him, which leads him to discover the hidden scratches on both her soul and body.


Festivals & awards: Finalist at AIDFF, Greece; Finalist at Košice International Monthly FF, Semi-finalist for Rome Independent Prisma Awards


Katrin Radoslavova studied Film Directing at NBU, Bulgaria. Scratches is her sophomore short as a director/writer, after her debut Alone with Everybody. She has been working on numerous short movies of her collegues and for an international feature-length production.

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Script: Katrin Radoslavova

Director: Katrin Radoslavova

Cinematography: Vladislav Radoslavov

Music: Ivan Manov

Cast: Philip Manchev, Maria Stoyanova, Rada Velinova, Ana Poshtadjieva, Katerina Velkova, Borimir Ilkov, Spas Zanev

Production: AEON Production – Katrin Radoslavova

Supported by: American Foundation for Bulgaria, New Bulgarian University

Contact: +359897648597,