Bulgaria, 2019, 15 min.

What Anton (9) loves best is playing in his children’s playhouse, but he is banned to do so, due to an involuntary mischief. The boy tells his friend Nia that he wants to become an adult and behave responsibly. His radio message is intercepted by Zlotar, who had no childhood. He makes a deal with Anton: for one day the boy will be like an adult, and Zlotar will have his childhood.


Festivals & awards: Prix Jeunessе, Japan Prize


Petar Gaitandjiev studied Acting at NATFA, Sofia, Film and TV Directing at the Vienna Film Academy and Film and TV Directing at NATFA. He has directed numerous shorts and documentaries, as well as TV shows and commercials. He is a lecturer in Acting and Directing at Amadeus Art School.

Script: Mihail Kazasov

Director: Petar Gaitandjiev

Cinematography: Hristo Genkov

Music: Atanas Gendov

Cast: Kitodar Todorov, Emilian Bardarski, Marieta Gabrovska

Production: Bulgarian National Television – Miladin Gergov

Co-production: ECPT, EBU (Eurovision)