Bulgaria, 2020, 3 min.

This is a love letter to life, to freedom. During the confinement, I longed so much to be free, close to nature, but at the same time I felt the divine presence and I had to return to my essence to be able to walk in this new reality.


Marieta Pechanska studied Audiovisual Arts in Madrid. She has directed music videos, documentaries and commercials; some of her short films have competed at international festivals. She has been working as a director in her native Bulgaria and now lives in Spain, where she founded the independent Seleste production company. She is also the author of the innovative Conscious Cinema.

Script: Marieta Petchanska

Director: Marieta Petchanskaa

Cinematography: Marieta Petchanska

Music: Freddy Avis

Cast: Marieta Petchanska

Production: Seleste – Marieta Petchanska

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