Bulgaria, 2020, 106 min.

An innocent love, a priceless medicine and an encounter with the future US President, John F. Kennedy, change completely the life of Bobby. In the air raids on Sofia in January 1944 he loses his mind, but his soul is intact.


Stanimir Trifonov studied Bulgarian Studies and Film Directing at NATFA, Sofia (1985). Assoc. Prof. (2003), Prof. (2008); lecturer at SWU and NBU. Producer and director of TV series, feature and documentary films; winner of a number of international and national awards, including two Golden Roses, a Golden Chest and a Silver Rhyton.

Script: Emil Andreev, Boryana Milusheva-Dukova

Director: Stanimir Trifonov

Cinematography: Ciril Prodanov

Music: George Strezov

Cast: Alexander Tonev, Lorina Kambyrova, Paraskeva Dzukelova, Stefan Denolyubov, Tsvetan Alexiev, Lyuben Chatalov, Nikolai Urumov

Production: Incomes Project – Plamen Yordanov

Co-production: BNT, Doli Media Studio

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center, BNT

Contact: + 359 888 220978,