Bulgaria, 2020, 18 min.

The old and sick Konstantin has one last wish. He wants to see a priest before going the way of all flesh, but the priest is not coming. Konstantin’s wife Elena decides to do something. Something bold and ungodly in the eyes of the Church.


Festivals & awards: International Competition, IFF Burgas 2020


Borislav Kolev graduated in Film Studies and has a postgraduate qualification from NATFA, Sofia. His directorial credits include Stoichkov, Salto Mortale, Christmas, The Eye of the Minotaur, Jam Session, Rock ’n’ Roll, Waiting Artists, screened at many international festivals, purchased for theatrical release and TV broadcasting in nearly 20 countries.

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Script: Deyan Enev, Borislav Kolev

Director: Borislav Kolev

Cinematography: Rali Ralchev

Music: Nikolai Ivanov

Cast: Mariana Krumova, Lyuben Chatalov, Alexander Tonev, Elly Koleva, Vladislav Karamfilov – Vargala

Production: Projector – Maria Landova

Co-production: Pro Camera, Screen Brothers, Filmark, Sonus Productions

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

Contact: +359884875998,,