Bulgaria, 2020, 103 min.

At the end of WW2, a young American reporter is commissioned by his newspaper to interview a pro-Western Bulgarian banker. He is secretly transferred to Bulgaria and puts his own survival at risk, falling in love with the banker’s young secretary, who in turn is desperately in love with her boss. It all ends tragically for the three of them.


Georgi Kostov is a director/writer/producer. He made and produced feature films, documentaries, TV adds, music and corporate videos. Filmography: Pistol, Briefcase and Three Stinking Barrels; 11th A Grade; Sex Academy: Men; The Stubborn.

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Script: Alexander Tomov

Director: Georgi Kostov

Cinematography: Emil Topuzov

Music: Petko Manchev

Cast: Assen Blatechky, Dilyana Popova, Nathan Cooper, Ben Cross, Neda Spasova, Plamen Manasiev

Production: Korund-X – Hristo Hristov

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center; Magic Shop; Doli Media Studio; Zoom Art