Bulgaria, 2019, 90 min.

Andrey, a well-off Bulgarian, comes back home, wanting to enjoy his fortune earned through many years of hard work. His dream life by the sea is disturbed by the appearance of Anelia, who both attracts and annoys him. The two of them go deeper and deeper into the sea of emotions and fierce animosity between them. The line between love and hate is thin though and the unexpected outcome is only a step away.


Georgi Kostov is a director/writer/producer. He made and produced feature films, documentaries, TV adds, music and corporate videos. Filmography: Pistol, Briefcase and Three Stinking Barrels (the first Bulgarian gangster comedy, blockbuster in Bulgaria); 11th A Grade; Sex Academy: Men (modern comedy).

Script: Mladen Stoyanov

Director: Georgi Kostov

Cinematography: Emil Topuzov

Music: Bilal Bilal

Cast: Simeon Lyutakov, Anastasia Levordashka, Stanislav Yanevski, Tsvetan Nikolov

Production: Media Production – Mladen Stoyanov, Georgi Kostov

Contact: +359893300444,