Bulgaria, 2020, 98 min.

Marti and Pepi, kids with a vivid imagination, discover a revolver and launch an investigation about its owner. Their teacher conducts another inquiry on a lonely, genius violinist, who dies mysteriously after playing 24 Caprices. Who pulled the trigger? The spirit of Paganini comes back to life in the most unexpected and inappropriate places.


Ivan Yurukov studied Acting at NATFA, Sofia and Film and TV Directing at SWU (2016). He has directed and produced over seven short films, more than 20 music videos and a documentary. Till the Final Caprice is his feature debut.

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Script: Ivan Yurukov, Rossen Stanev

Director: Ivan Yurukov

Cinematography: Galina Vassileva

Music: Raya Shopova

Cast: Georgi Tenev, Stoyan Mladenov, Marti Todorov, Pepi Todorov, Svetlin Roussev

Production: Vagabonti Films – Ivan Yurukov, Julia Atanasova

Co-production: Dream Team, Concept Studio

Contact: yurukovivan@gmail.com, jlija.atanasova@gmail.com