Bulgaria, 2020, 98 min.

A police inspector frames an innocent boy as a terrorist, but is forced to conspire with his victim as both create an intricate web of lies to steal money from the incompetent government bodies.


Andrey Andonov studied Film Directing in Ireland. In 2017 he made No One, a self-financed independent project.

Vladimir Borisov has worked in film ever since 2006. Extensive experience in TV and advertising, including key local TV series. In 2012, his short A Dream was selected as part of the project Changing negative attitudes towards Roma communities financed by Open Society Institute – Budapest.

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Script: Hristo Hristov

Director: Andrey Andonov, Vladimir Borisov

Cinematography: Antoni Krustev, Histo Roberto Hristov

Music: Asen Hristov

Cast: Marian Valev, Ivaylo Dragiev, Evgeniya Kalkandjieva, Lyubomira Basheva, Vasil Vasilev-Zueka, Georgi Staykov, Stefan Denolyubov, Kitodar Todorov, Nevena Bozukova

Production: A Plus FIlms – Christo Dermendjiev

Co-production: SmartHouse

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

Contact: christo@a-plusfilms.com